Does the app run down my battery?

The app will only function if plugged into a power source and if travelling in a vehicle – i.e. it won’t work just walking around!

Is there a version for cyclists?

Not yet. But with a number of cyclists in the office we hope to offer this at some point – we know it’s often cyclists who are put in the most danger with potholes on the road.

I’m a member of the public and I want my Council to start using this! 

Great. We’re launching a public-facing version of the app soon so send your details to We’ll use the information you collect to show your local authority the benefits of using the Road Intelligence system.

How can you get accurate data? Doesn’t the different type of (deep breath) vehicle type, the age of the vehicle, type of suspension, speed, the number of passengers, weather, and road surface make it impossible?

No. It makes it very difficult. This kind of large, but quantifiable, variables is what machine-based learning and cloud computing were made for! Every new piece of data, every bump in the road has been training our system.

I already know the roads are bad, there’s only so much money to fix them – so what’s the point of knowing about even more potholes!

I understand how you feel – but information is king. It’s not just about telling you what’s bad, it’s about helping you assess what’s the worse affected and what can be safely left. It’s about turning what used to be scraps of paper a bloke left in a van into actionable insight that informs budgets and makes roads safer.